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Guangdong Giant Leap Construction Co., Ltd. is a secondary Legal person as a subsidiary of Country Garden Group, a foreign capitalized corporation. With a registered capital of 900 million China Yuan and a yearly construction areal of 15 million m2, Giant Leap spread its business all over more than 20 provinces and cities in China, including Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hunan, Hubei, Hainan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Chonqqing etc., creating a production of over 12 billion China Yuan per year.


In the beginning of the company in 1984, a county construction team has been founded in Beijiao County. On 1st July, 2003, the team became Guangdong Giant Leap Construction Co., Ltd., which deeply reformed in 2011 and aimed to develop all over China and overseas in 2013 with a yearly production of over 10 billion China Yuan. 2015, following the domestic construction principals, Giant Leap realize its acquisition of Guangdong Longyue Construction Co., Ltd. speeding up its marketization.


Giant Leap, enjoying Grade One Qualification of Housing Construction, owning 3,000 professional technicians covering most industries, and 300 heavy duty vertical lifting plants and equipment, undertakes the main-contracting works of hotels, housing projects developed by Country Garden.


Giant Leap has a complete organization structure, sound management system. Through deepen reform constantly, Giant Leap has taken its advantages at rapid construction, control of cost, guarantee of quality, and wins it rewards, “No. 2 Comprehensive Strength of China Private Enterprises”, “Top 100 of Civil Engineering Corporations”, “Top 100 Star of China Excellent Construction Unit”, “Most Completive Civil Industrial Enterprise” etc., 45 provincial rewards, more than 100 municipal level. Adhere to the quality principal “Enhance the living quality comprehensively”, Giant Leap form a whole set of quality supervision and management system, and projects undertaken by Giant Leap has become the mode projects of local government, such as Yunfu, Maoming, Shaoguan, Guangzhou, Zhoukou, Wuhan, Malaysia etc.


With the development of rural urbanization, construction industry is embracing its golden era. Holding this opportunity, Giant Leap will constantly build premium and boutique projects, and progressively innovate to realize the beautiful vision “upholding the spirit of construction army, and ascend to be top-class national enterprise”, and do every effort to contribute to the society.

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