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Technology highlights

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There are six major technical systems, three major processes and construction systems:
1, the assembly of the overall frame structure system (multi-storey public buildings applicable): Prefabricated columns, composite beams, large span precast prestressed hollow panels, prefabricated exterior panels and prefabricated stairs. The utility model has the advantages of simple construction, high efficiency, low cost, free and flexible space combination and good sound insulation between layers.


2. The assembled monolithic shear wall structure (for high-rise residential buildings): Prefabricated shear walls, composite beams, slabs, precast exterior walls and precast staircases. With aluminum mold construction, construction quality is good, efficient, low cost.

3, the assembled integral type frame shear wall structure system (for high-rise public buildings): the prefabricated shear wall, prefabricated column, stack hanging and prefabricated stairs composite beams and large span precast prestressed hollow slab precast wall panels, decorative integration. Less formwork, free support, and aluminum mold construction, give full play to the advantages of industrialization, building rich and varied facade, flexible construction organization, building quality is good, efficient, low cost.

4, prefabricated sandwich exterior thermal insulation board, waterproof (for hot summer and cold winter area): assembly type building exterior wall as prefabricated in the factory, has a good waterproof performance, but the wall slab should satisfy itself and the main structure of thermal expansion and contraction deformation caused by the displacement, so the wall slab is waterproof weak points, prefabricated construction waterproof wall is the key seam processing. The technology of equal pressure water proofing was adopted in the construction of the building, and the structure, material, waterproof and anti - platoon were adopted to solve the technical problems of the exterior wall leakage. And has formed a complete set of exterior wall waterproofing technology and quality control system, to ensure the reliability and durability of waterproof exterior wall of assembly type building.

5, PC decoration wall hanging technology (public buildings applicable): PC component in the factory for the surface decoration or exterior wall tile counter production has convenient construction, firm bonding, high production efficiency; exterior decoration integrated construction reduces the amount of work high above the ground, greatly reduce the construction cost; the dry hanging construction organization has flexible and convenient precast wall panels, construction speed, force structure clear, the advantages of high installation accuracy. Guangteng housing industry based on force analysis of long-term construction experience and the full structure on the development of three-dimensional adjustable hanging nodes and make a sound wall hanging wall hanging design standard, quality standard system and quality control system.

6, building BIM applications: golighting housing industry has BIM application group, the use of BIM simulation to optimize the design of prefabricated construction and installation, to find out the conflicts between the specialized construction, to optimize the whole process of construction, the professional help to find out the problems in construction. Through the three-dimensional simulation of BIM, the risk factors and correct practice of operation surface, overhanging frame, climbing frame and formwork support system can be reflected by 360 degrees. The vivid safety education makes the effect more popular. In the project site, security, civilization, technological innovation, quality control, intelligent environmental protection throughout the whole field, from management office to workers life, and then to the site construction, fully embodies the modernization of construction, humanization.

7 、 tool type external hanging climbing frame: Aiming at the characteristics of less external wall operation in industrialized construction, a tool type external hanging climbing frame is developed. The utility model has the advantages of quick and convenient operation, simple field capacity, integration of exterior wall protection and external wall operation platform, combined assembly, and high versatility. And has formed a complete tool, plug-in climbing frame and related exterior wall embedded quality, safety control system and safe operation system.
8, PC+ assembled aluminum mold: Aluminum Alloy template is conducive to environmental protection, saving wood, protecting forest, can be repeatedly reused, in line with the national energy-saving emission reduction policies, and the aluminum mold has the advantages of light weight, high capacity, easy construction, low maintenance cost, high construction efficiency, concrete surface quality is good, the characteristics of turnover frequency etc.. Guangteng workers live in the traditional aluminum mold technology system developed on the basis of the independent, for the installation of prefabricated industrialized building + aluminum cast in situ combined technology engineering system, to ensure maximum quality and construction of assembly construction shortcut.
9, adjustable rigid frame formwork and floor finishing flat: the use of prefabricated wallboard or side formwork support prefabricated floor, and continuously and fine tune the floor precast slab thickness control block left, achieve precision floor elevation and thickness of two mm, free leveling. In order to further explore the potential of industrial construction, the construction quality and safety guarantee system has been set up in this project.
10, golighting workers living in assembled building line control system for precast concrete shear wall, the industrialization construction of composite beam, slab, prefabricated staircases, prefabricated balcony installation, waterproof wall, PC production, the assembly type aluminum mold, tool type external climbing frame construction has developed a series of control line, and emphasize the standard the construction of fine management.

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