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The most essential difference between industrialization and traditional architecture is the systematization and professionalism of industrial architecture, and the emphasis is on the preciseness of planning and the systematicness of management and control. The control of the industrialization project is not only on the spot, but also an effective mechanism before and after the scene, as well as links with each link. Therefore, the craftsman spirit of industrial architecture is not only reflected in the stage of hoisting on the spot, but also must be extended to every stage of the project.

Deepening the design of industrialization plays a decisive role in the difficulties of industrialization, the quality of construction and the cost. Guangteng live optimization integration from industrialization to deepen design start of each link of the project, the global system of industrialization; in the early stage of the construction according to the characteristics of industrialization construction planning detailed construction; focus on the professional subcontract pre inspection and contract management; attach importance to the quality control of PC production stage; assembly of the construction process to implement refined management. The spirit of the craftsman permeated every link of the industrialization project.

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