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Brief introduction of residential industrialization branch

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      Guangdong Tengyue residential industrialization branch was established in 2016 (hereinafter referred to as the golighting housing industry), officially entered the building market. At present, bringing together a number of construction industry professionals from all across the country, has a national registered structural engineer 1 people, a registered architect in more than 20 people, more than 30 senior engineers, and has PC process design, professional PC supply chain, PC assembly, BIM application and other professional departments. We have established and established a sound industrial construction system, a technical system, a manufacturing evaluation system and a cost accounting system to realize the three controllable quality, schedule and cost. 

     Industrial architecture is a highly systematic project. Guangteng live work according to the characteristics of industrialization project, combined with their own advantages over, pioneering the construction as the center, to grasp the implementation mode of assembling building core competitiveness to mobilize the whole industry chain. That is, the EMPC project general contracting mode of the industrialization project, as follows:

 Organizational structure of residential industrialization branch:

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