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Replacing wood with steel (steel reinforcement system use)

Release time:2017/6/16     Read:2006

     The shear wall formwork, steel reinforcement support and replace the stereotype as a template wood keel for the primary and secondary Leng, formed a new template reinforcement construction method engineering system. According to the current situation of construction industry, the main structure of the template reinforcement system is usually used as wood brace back edge material for reinforcement, and the use of wood in order to reinforce the disadvantages are input from large, serious waste, high cost, poor quality, no environmental protection concrete molding etc..

advantage:The steel instead of wood in order for the template reinforcement, can effectively improve the above shortcomings, the main application areas: general steel back pile wall columns, beam plate (according to the specific structural form selection). The template system, changed the traditional steel fasteners and wooden formwork system, forming the correct size, unified specifications, convenient connection, and increased the stress surface of the keel, not easy to deformation, running mode, up mode, leakage, rot, dislocation and other phenomena, ensure the structure of verticality, flatness, effective control of the size accuracy of yin and yang angle, improve the main structure inspection qualified rate, improve the quality of the main structure construction, while reducing the amount of wood in order to save the cost of raw materials.

①、The quality of the structure is good, and the plastering can be avoided;

②、Durable, high turnover;

③、Cost saving obvious;

④、Not easily deformed, rusted and lost;

⑤、Rarely produce garbage, conducive to energy conservation and environmental protection;

⑥、It is small, well formed and convenient to manage;

⑦、Anti random cutting, small loss;

⑧、The worker does not need to pull out the nail, the revision and so on the procedure, the operation is convenient, the work efficiency is high, the construction craft is easy to accept after the team worker first adaptation.

As a reinforcing system of high rigidity, good stability of steel, which greatly improves the structure of test batch pass rate.
The use of steel has improved significantly than the wooden test pass rate, the same basic upgrade at around ten percent.

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