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Steel support

Release time:2017/6/16     Read:2008

    Steel support means that the main and secondary back walls are made of thin section steel and rolled into small size and light weight component reinforcement system.

Technological advantage

1, the number of turnover more, amortization costs less, comprehensive economic benefits significantly
The template for the primary and secondary back edges according to the length of building modular design is made of standard components, construction, according to the required size of each sub module assembly, parts can be adjusted by the expansion joint. Its flexible size meets the needs of various sizes of the building structure, the products can be assembled at random, can be reused in several projects, can be used more than 300 times, and the amortization cost is low. Because the steel support can be recycled and used, it has the characteristics of economy and environmental protection.
2 、 light weight, small size, easy to transport
The main and secondary back edges are used as thin-wall steel rolling, small volume and light weight of the longest component weight is not more than 30kg, only need to set up the vertical transportation of tower crane lifting capacity below 200t.m can complete the template construction, compared with the big template technology can save Jixietaiban costs 25%.
Occupying small construction sites, it has obvious advantages for small projects in the construction site. The formwork structure is convenient for long-distance transportation and can be used in different projects.
3, standardization and modularization of various components of the template, complete accessories, and strong applicability
The supporting system of the template is connected by adopting a setting accessory through different combinations, and the utility model has the advantages of simplicity, reliability and fast installation speed. It is not only applicable to the construction of shear walls, but also to the construction of frame columns, beams and slabs.
At the same time the new component architecture template support system tools qualitative and standardized constraints of the construction workers in standardization, improve the construction quality at the same time, to ensure the cleanliness of the construction site, to lay the foundation for the construction of civilization.
4, without environmental impact, the construction period is guaranteed
The products are all made of small components, which are light weight, easy to carry, fully artificial, self assembling and dismounting, free from the weather changes, and need not rely on large mechanical equipment to ensure the construction period.

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