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Aluminum alloy template

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     Aluminium alloy formwork system for building. It is a new generation of formwork support system. The aluminum formwork system has good practice in improving the overall construction efficiency of the construction industry, saving construction materials and saving artificial arrangements. The whole system consists of supporting system, panel system, fastening system and accessory system.



Technological advantage: 

1, the structure molding quality is good
The aluminum formwork system can significantly improve the main structure of the concrete component in shaping quality, location, size deviation, verticality, flatness, straightness and flatness of the ceiling and floor height inspection batch quality control has obvious advantages; and may be exposed concrete standard free plastering plastering, reduce wet work, reduce the floor quality common problem.
2, the construction period is high efficiency
The operation of assembling and disassembling tools, simple, high construction efficiency and do not take crane improved reinforcement, plus sub projects of transportation efficiency, construction normally 4~5 days (up to 3.5 layers / day / layer); such as consider replacing the plastering operation when the aluminum mold, the whole construction period the more obvious advantages.
3, low cost
The existing Aluminum Alloy template market operation mode are buying, leasing, leasing + installation in a variety of ways, either way, its cost is lower than that of traditional wood such as cost; consider the use of aluminum mold replacing or reducing the rendering process, the cost advantage is more obvious.
4, energy saving, environmental protection, safe and civilized construction
Compared with the traditional wood system, there is no scene after cutting the waste of building, dust and other pollution, easy to control the safe and civilized construction site, environmental effect.
5, a wide range of applications.
Aluminum template for walls, floors, columns, beams, horizontal stairs, window, floating plate. The use of ring beam, structural column, anti Kan two structure formwork still useful.
6, less seams, high accuracy, good effect of the concrete surface after stripping.
Aluminum building template removal, concrete surface quality smooth, basically can reach the veneer and water requirements of concrete, without plaster, plaster can save cost.
7, site construction waste less, support system concise.
Aluminum formwork system all accessories can be used repeatedly, the construction site after the removal, no garbage, the support system has the advantages of simple structure, convenient disassembly, so the construction of environmental safety, clean and tidy.
8, standard, versatility.
Aluminum template specifications, according to the project using different specifications plate assembly; used templates to rebuild the new building, only need to replace about 20 non-standard plate, can reduce the cost.
9, high recycling value.
Aluminum mold blackboard waste, when the residual waste disposal, share the cost advantage is obvious.
10, low carbon emission reduction.
All materials of aluminum formwork system are renewable materials, which conform to the national regulations on energy saving, environmental protection, low-carbon and emission reduction for construction projects.

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