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Draw quality blueprint, casting quality engineering

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Malaysia, April, Jiaoyangsihuo, the construction of the garden city is like a raging fire in the forest, the strong competitors in the competitive construction, iron vault after the forest city and Triumphant news keeps pouring in., P4-2 assembled P26-2 villa project after landing, won a bid of P5 villa.

A section of P5 villa construction area of about 35 thousand and 600 square meters, 7 apartment layout of 46 luxury villas, the duration of 14 months, the total cost of about 110 million ringgit. The bid P5 villa project, Guangdong Tengyue overseas branch "based in Malaysia, solid Johor, boutique forest" layout was put on a thick and heavy in colours "landing, to further promote the two focus four strengthening" 6 management measures, proof that the overseas team practice target execution management.

Forest city P5 villa project is the first villa project, forest city positioning mansion, is a forest city open overseas market window, also show golighting style exquisite iron name card. Overseas branch from a number of bidding units stand out as a bid for the construction unit, with its deep plowing overseas for many years, not afraid of hardship, dare to pay, continuous accumulation of results.
Guangdong Tengyue overseas branch since 2013 formally established in Malaysia branch, at the beginning of the foundation, in the management of a year to establish a vision, a deduction of a theme: 2014 "management year", 2015 "management year", 2016 "fine management, market-oriented business year" and the 2017 "quality year", always keep up with the pace of development of the company group, and actively respond to the call of the policy, the gradual implementation of the overseas layout from scratch, from weak to strong leap, and a step by step toward the industry's most core competitiveness of the enterprise forward, strive to become the overseas market with brand building units.
Success comes from concentration as well as concentration! Guangdong Tengyue as one of the subsidiaries of the group, has always been to help group leapfrog development mission. 2017 overseas branch annual work conference, the general manager of the company Ma Xiaojun general for overseas branch management, put forward "based on the site of a brand, based on the market localization, based on team sports talents, based on the management effect of" four macro requirements, and from the field of management, market development, team building and management in four dimensions for overseas companies more specialization and scale.
The P5 villa general contracting project won the bid, but also closely implement the company's guidance, core and policy embodiment. Self invited to Party A requires the beginning of overseas subsidiaries will begin to organize the bidding team, after the bidding documents analysis, combined with the current branch of the supply of resources, through the use of a combination of Chinese and foreign labor, reduce the labor cost, full price advantage. In order to better fulfill the company on the business front "to strengthen cost control, new requirements to enhance the profitability of the overseas company to bid the upper design as the starting point, set a profit target from the source, combined with the" 1231 "process control, and gradually realize the cost management system, standardization and refinement, and its reasonable use general contract management to P5 villa," dripping into wear ", is the overseas branch so focused, serious and rigorous attitude, can in one fell swoop, solid and stronger overseas market.

Bid preparation discussion

Bid opening meeting

    "Adhering to the spirit of the inheritance, home culture", the company will continue to adhere to its overseas maker, correct leading branch in company and overseas, will build a P5 luxury villa with forest city characteristic representative works, a group, company for the Southeast Asian market beautiful name card.

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