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Attached climbing frame

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      Climbing frames, also called lifting frames, are a kind of new scaffolding system developed in recent years. It can climb up or down along buildings. This system makes the change scaffolding Technology: one is without turning over the shelf; two is exempt from the disassembly process of scaffold (an assembly has been used after the completion of construction, and not affected) building height restrictions, greatly saves manpower and material. And in terms of safety, the traditional scaffold has also been greatly improved.



Technological advantage: 

1, saving material cost: climbing frame erection of four storeys high, according to the construction schedule by lifting from the ground, than the double row scaffolding erection has been to the top of the structure to save a lot of steel pipes, steel, fasteners, scaffolding and safety net.
2, save labor costs: after climbing frame erection, only 5 people can lift the frame, save a lot of manpower to build double row outer frame, laying foot board and safety net.
3, save the crane rent charge: climbing frame is erected, can lift the climbing frame using its lifting system, other than the scaffolding save crane rent charge greatly improve the efficiency of vertical transportation.
4, improve work efficiency: the use of climbing frame construction, can speed up the construction progress, shorten the construction period, reduce cost expenditure.
5, save maintenance costs: climbing frame only need to build four stories high, surrounded by all closed, reduce the cost of security maintenance around the edge

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