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Three to Malaysia, Ma Xiaojun, head office, overseas development

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      Summing up the past and planning for the future, every month before the Lunar New Year is the busiest day for each enterprise. In January 28, 2015, Ma Xiaojun came to Malaysia Tengyue construction company project manager for guidance. This is the horse third times a year to Malaysia project deployment and pointed out the development direction of Malaysia overseas branch vault.
28 on the evening of 6, the total sum of Ma Xiaojun Tian Long Yue Gu Zhou not Laughton car, rushed to the Malaysia branch fatigued with the journey. In the company canteen after a hasty dinner, the two leaders listened to the branch departments, lines and two project department's special report. After listening to the golden bay report, Ma affirmed the branch and project achievements, the use of labor force, the horse always made use of existing staff, reduce management risk, training team, development projects outside the "instructions, he also asked the Malaysia branch to meet the difficulties, cultivating the Malay" ready. In addition, Ma has also made corresponding comments and guidance on other departments' reports.
From 28 to 31, the horse and his party always run around the venue and construction site. These four days, he has organized on-site meetings and conferences, and Party A, the construction team, project managers and other parties to the talks, to fully understand the situation of the Gulf city project project and forests, a meeting to determine the plan, unified thought, pointed out the direction of a field guide, to solve the problem.

Ma Xiaojun always works on the 2.75m thick plate transition floor at Golden Bay

The first batch of aluminum alloy templates to the Golden Bay site, the horse always told to sum up good experience

      On the morning of 29, the leadership group vice chairman of the board, President Yang Huiyan Mo Bin in the forest city project department held a forest city exhibition area project started planning, general Ma Xiaojun, Tian Yuelong always led the company employees participating. At the meeting, President Mo Bin presented the challenge of opening the exhibition area in 2015 July. Ma Xiaojun has also put forward the idea that steel structure participates in the bid, and has got the approval of Mo total.
Forest City initiation meeting
      The sun is still hanging in the sky, the scene view strict in demands guidance; the night has been deep, the hall also heated discussion arrangement; always missed the dinner time, in a hurry in the project or company cafeteria to eat a mouthful; the body tired, jump thinking, work overload, this is a true portrayal of the general Ma Xiaojun Malay inspection project. Within five days, Ma headquarters deployed the forest city display area and the Golden Bay plot4 project, which pointed out the direction for the future team building and the development of the company.


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