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Technical research, project of Golden Bay project PLOT1ABC plate type transition layer concrete is successfully opened

Release time:2017/6/1     Read:1718

        The morning of January 23rd 10, by Tengyue construction company Malaysia branch construction of the Golden Bay project PLOT1ABC 1B-2 building conversion layer successfully cast, marking the company's first high-rise building vault, the first 2.75 meters thick slab conversion layer construction completed the milepost node, for the Jin Hai Bay project PLOT1ABC perfect floor laid a solid foundation.
For the transfer storey construction, column switching is widely adopted in China, such as 2.75m thickness conversion is extremely rare. The Golden Bay project to tackle tough, actively contact the consultants to carry out technical research, solve the conversion of large volume concrete pouring, temperature control and crack prevention of high formwork support, and other technical problems in the process of construction. Through the meticulous preparation, January 22nd 4 pm, successfully passed the Party A, consultants, branch of the building conversion layer formwork system and reinforced the acceptance; 10 in the morning on the 23 day, personnel, materials, machinery and all in place, in the sound of firecrackers, conversion layer of concrete pouring started.

In the sound of firecrackers, the first concrete mixer is put into the building

Concrete mixer waiting in line for pouring

A spectacular pouring site on the transfer floor

      It is reported that Malaysia is located near the equator, which belongs to the tropical rainforest climate and tropical monsoon climate, the minimum temperature changes within a year, the average temperature is between 26-30 DEG C, and Johore Bahru city in January the average temperature of the Gulf project at 22-31 DEG C, the conversion layer is used to add the GGBS concrete, consultant requirements molding temperature is 32 degrees centigrade, the pouring temperature is controlled at 75 DEG C (ordinary concrete temperature controlled at 70 DEG C, it can be) on the concrete temperature control requirements are very high. The project uses three layers of water pipes to cool down and uses advanced electronic thermometer to monitor the temperature in real time. The morning of January 23rd 10, the successful completion of the B1 B2 building conversion layer of concrete pouring task.
The Golden Bay project as the first overseas vault construction company project, the first high-rise project, the first to do 2.75m thick plate transfer layer of the project, will continue to carry forward the spirit of Tengyue, strengthen technological innovation, strengthen management, safety, quality and efficient completion of construction tasks, to become the Malaysia garden area benchmark.


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