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Ship waves, the strength of cast quality

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      From May 23, 2017 to May 30th, the overseas forest forest city P4 project and the P26 residential industrialization project received good news.
23 on the morning of 9 forest city P4 project department through the party inspection team on-site sampling, wood shear wall actual measurement pass rate reached 100%, and the concrete molding quality is good, by the party inspection group has been received!
24 regional engineering department on the inspection results of party a project management department carry out a letter of recognition, and a project management department of forest city P4 project issued praise and give a reward.
Regional Engineering Department sent a letter to Party A and party a recognition of a document recognition
      25, forest city P26 project again with actual measurement pass rate of 100% through regional monthly inspection, this is the overseas branch since its inception, in the construction of two projects in an area for the first time all the constant amount of the passing rate of 100% through the examination of the situation of regional.
The inspection team carried out actual measurement at the scene
      In 2017, the company as a "quality management year", according to the key measure of "put forward the branch manager Tian Yuelong total annual work report in strengthening site management, improve performance ability, overseas branch of the project has been the project manager on a weekly tour disc, new projects were established and the actual measurement group, since the project since the project started, the project manager insisted every day to the project inspection departments to strictly implement the three inspection system at the construction site, the labor party can be self qualified, inspection, inspection services required for checking the data table, no self inspection form and relevant data, project acceptance.
Therefore, acceptance of the project mainly by the professional inspector and Tung long together for acceptance, an important process by the chief engineer project manager even led project acceptance, acceptance, approval and supervision of Party A to report. Both the service self inspection and the project re examination are 100% covers to ensure that the quality of all construction procedures is within the scope of the project supervision department.
The main construction phase, project in addition to approval before casting the concrete, especially in wall column concrete pouring process again for acceptance, the first time that the deviation, timely adjustment, ensure the wall column verticality and flatness, no quality problems because of emergency and ignore the key process.
Behind the outstanding achievements, and the company constantly strengthen the quality management policy is inseparable! Through continuous implementation, implementation, quality control consciousness has in-depth on-site management and services in everyone's heart, and correction of site construction and production meetings weekly on the project is the key management tool.
The actual measurement rate of the two projects is 100%, which is the biggest affirmation and encouragement of the previous hard work. It is also another starting point of the new stage of the project development. The project team will deliver the goods in unison, and continue to strengthen quality management, and strive to create a forest city project project.
Ship waves! Looking forward in the struggle of overseas subsidiaries, based on site quality, the spirit world will vault!
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