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Three to Malaysia, power take-off

Release time:2017/6/1     Read:2023

——Ma Xiaojun always went to Malaysia branch guidance
         From its establishment in 2014 to its rapid growth in 2016, Malaysia branch has been fully engaged for two years in the process of ploughing malaysia. On July 21, 2016 -24, in order to further promote the development and growth of Malaysia branch, general manager of the company to Ma Xiaojun branch Malay guide the work of the second half.
Just off the plane, Ma Xiaojun always accompanied in Malaysia branch general manager Tian Yuelong rushed branch, and met with the regional vice president and general manager Chen Zhongyu, the Golden Bay project of forest city item company COO Lin Gongbo, general manager of Peng Guoqiang forest city project, for business negotiations and they are important problems to solve, Golden Bay project coordination the forest city exhibition area in the process of project construction.
During the period, Ma Xiaojun total of Singapore, Malaysia residential market, industrial construction and technical personnel, resources to conduct in-depth research, and met with the forest city item company CRO Deng Junyong, to discuss the forest city project of residential industrialization. In addition, Ma Xiaojun also went to the forest city project, to see the progress of fisherman's Wharf reconstruction project and the South The Inn Boutique project work, and Malaysia branch office, members of the Department Director and project manager on a one-on-one meeting, in-depth research work into the backbone of the company's mental state.
Through the interview, Ma Xiaojun expressed satisfaction with the progress of construction, the total main work of Malaysia branch in the first half of the team, and requests the company to ensure that the following four successful completion of the work in the second half of the work plan, to ensure that the forest city exhibition area and southern The Inn Boutique fisherman open engineering August 31st transformation of wharf; ensure the Gulf Plot1ABC by the end of the project implementation perfect floor; ensure that the Gulf Plot4ABE project based on a foreign quality safety and civilized construction on striving for benchmarking benchmarking group; ensure to achieve a breakthrough in external marketing, to undertake a contract amount of more than 5000 ringgit in engineering.
Ma Xiaojun is always in the forest city demonstration area Fisherman Wharf renovation project site inspection
        The first half of the work research direction not only for the Malaysia branch of the second half of the main goal, but also greatly encouraged by the Malaysia branch staff morale, to continue to promote the Malaysia branch is good, fast, smooth and beautiful development escort.
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