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Deep Malay pace steady, full success from news

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       The Inn Boutique on trial, fisherman's Wharf Street opened as scheduled, the forest volume of P4 in the city zone won the bid of the specified pile foundation engineering, industrial plant project bidding, the volume of Forest City District P26 plots and the basis of 4 high-rise on the invitation of tender, Johor DAC project display area to invite tenders and external CI project through MEDINI two rounds of bidding to achieve 5 into 3...... At the beginning of October 2016, Malaysia branch Triumphant news keeps pouring in. Tengyue construction.
October 1st is the Chinese celebrating the National Day, also Tengyue construction of Malaysia branch of construction of Forest City Hotel (South Phoenix Hotel) and the day of the fisherman's Wharf commercial street reconstruction project opened. Fisherman's Wharf Street is Biguiyuan meticulously set "temple library luxury flagship store", "H & M Brand OUTLETS shop", "Royal Selangor tin products", "Royal Bay nest" and many other brands of shopping paradise. Since the opening of the 1220 exhibition area last year, fisherman's wharf has been in the late construction, investment and quality upgrading. Since the beginning of mid July, after more than two months of upgrading the quality, fisherman's Wharf finally bloomed in national day.
Fisherman's Wharf opening ceremony
        The forest city phoenix hotel since late February to September 6th as scheduled start trial operation in just six months, the Malay branch with "the spirit", grab the day war night, rob sunny rainy day war, nor is the end of December was scheduled to open the hotel in advance for nearly 4 months, will dare to fight tough, vault to fight the style of play the most incisive.
The Phoenix hotel work, not only to consolidate the traditional civil golighting team, also make golighting electromechanical and Aluminum Alloy doors and windows and other professional advantage of the subcontractor team, won the praise of owners. Because of its good progress in quality, safety and other aspects of the project, such as Phoenix Hotel, fisherman's Wharf transformation and so on. Many owners of Su Dong, Lin Gongbo, Peng Guoqiang Baiyuan total oral praise and recognition, also mentioned several times to give golighting team pennant. This is also the highest pursuit of the project team -- the team has won the approval of the owners!
Forest city phoenix hotel before opening
        Behind all the achievements, it is not only the result of the company's correct leadership, but also the unremitting efforts and efforts of all the members of the company. 2016, with the company "fine management" annual theme introduced, Malaysia branch actively implement the company "1231" management initiatives, seriously study the company documents, and steadily promote the work of the branch.
Facing the sea, with spring flowers blossoming. When fighting in the front line of the builders and shake off the body tired, moseys walking in the sea breeze caresses micro coastal trail when both the construction side, the construction side, the design side or the operation layer showed a pleasant smile workers. I felt a sense of pride in my mind. "Through our hard work, I realized a dream."!"
The industrialized factory directly took the oath of safety at the safety meeting
        Up to now, the Malaysia branch of foreign workers has fully landed straight (reach the size of nearly 200 people, in mid October and the introduction of 100 legal workers, Bangladesh) residential industrialization team also completed a preliminary form (the current configuration of 5 people), and the full investigation and study. Looking forward to the Malaysia branch under the correct leadership of the group and the company, continue to work in the "deep plowing Malay" and "strong brand" on the road, the more steadily.
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