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Biguiyuan named the "2012 best corporate citizen in china "

Release time:2013/1/29     Read:1631

      To explore the mode of public service innovation
-- Biguiyuan named the "2012 best corporate citizen in china "

      As a real estate enterprise development and construction of the strong sense of social responsibility, Biguiyuan group in 2012 corporate citizen 's performance won praise. Because the " distinctive Biguiyuan volunteers " in the Chinese real estate enterprises and great influence, Biguiyuan group won the " 2012 China best corporate citizen award, best public service innovation ".

" China best corporate citizen " award

      It is reported, " China best corporate citizen " award by the " twenty-first Century economic report twenty-first Century ", " business review " sponsored by the citizens, promote the concept of domestic enterprises is the earliest and most popular activities, and China has the most for the evaluation of enterprise performance system of citizen science system. The afternoon of December 3rd, Chinese enterprise citizen forum and the Ninth China best corporate citizen award ceremony was held in Beijing.

      At the awards ceremony of the year award, Biguiyuan group representative to thank the community for Biguiyuan in corporate social responsibility recognition, but also stressed the " hope society because we have better " business philosophy.

      According to the introduction, by the end of 2011 " Biguiyuan volunteers " association was established, including founder group, group director, group related institutions and staff level of volunteer service team together constitute the Biguiyuan public welfare behavior. In addition, Biguiyuan school teachers, Guohua Memorial Middle School Teachers and students, Zhong Ming grants by the student, each big media, partners and other social people from all walks of life are also actively involved, and volunteer service activities in the Communist Youth League organizations under the guidance of.

      " I volunteered to be a Biguiyuan volunteers, carrying forward the spirit of enterprise, the enterprise idea, knowledge, into their own master, sincere dedication, commitment to society better! " Over the years, there have been more and more volunteers solemnly swear, to become one of the " Biguiyuan volunteers ". According to the briefing, " Biguiyuan volunteers " adhering to the " nice to people, to society " the enterprise spirit; adhere to the "love, participation, cooperation, progress" standards and " unity, into their own master " concept, and actively carry out voluntary service activities.

      After a year of work and practice, " Biguiyuan volunteers " has formed and the development of voluntary service brand projects include " songyisongyao sent to health ", "care for the left-behind children ", " looking for Chinese students ", " one kilogram box", "for the national school donated books reading room ". In addition, " Biguiyuan volunteers " attaches great importance to rural poverty and Biguiyuan group funded assistance closely, forming a more close to the recipients need assistance system, and promote the full participation, family involvement, set off the " explore the culture ' two generation ' " and other hot topics. At the same time, " Biguiyuan volunteers " also focus on the " influential people ", cause includes 40000 Group employees, 500000 owners, the national media, social welfare institutions, social concern.

      At present, Biguiyuan volunteer service system has become mature, led the region by the headquarters of the group, its influence throughout the country over a hundred projects and 45 City, and successfully abroad service in Malaysia to carry out activities, has become a new paradigm Biguiyuan group in social welfare charity.

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