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The 2012 annual China corporate social responsibility outstanding entrepreneur of the Year Award

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     In December 20, 2012, the fifth session of China corporate social responsibility summit and the second session of the " corporate social responsibility report China White Paper " conference held in fangfeiyuan of Diaoyutai State Guest House. Biguiyuan founder Yang Guoqiang won the "2012 China corporate social responsibility outstanding entrepreneur of the year award ".

      Biguiyuan group special assistant to the chairman of the board of directors to accept the award on behalf of, and delivered a speech: " Mr. Yang on social responsibility has a simple point of view, that is his personal achievements and developing Biguiyuan are attributed to the reform and opening up, because from the society, by the society, it will certainly return to society. As our mission, hope the society because we have become more and more beautiful. This is his individual efforts target. "

Biguiyuan special assistant chairman of the board of directors award and delivered a speech on behalf of

       The summit hosted by the Xinhua news agency, and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Department of economics, corporate social responsibility research center, jointly sponsored by the Xinhua news agency, the National Institute of Finance and economics weekly, the economic information daily, Reference News newspaper, the China Securities newspaper and other units, has extensive influence in the industry, to promote the construction of corporate social responsibility, play an important role to promote comprehensive and coordinated social, environmental and sustainable development.

      The SASAC, the Ministry of civil affairs, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, quality inspection bureau, forestry bureau and other relevant leaders and the business community of more than 100 people attended the summit, and corporate responsibility " innovation and sustainable ", " the Chinese dream and the social responsibility of the enterprise " and other topics discussed in depth.

      Mr Yang Guoqiang argues that success in life has three elements, one is to let the family happy, two is the ability to help their friends and family, the three is the ability to serve the society, to help more people. He did third points, but his greatest wish is to help more people do third things. Through the above three points, also reflects his take on social responsibility interpretation from another angle.

      Founding twenty years, Mr. Yang Guoqiang and under the leadership of the country garden group in various charities donated a huge money at the same time, more hands-on poverty alleviation projects. More importantly, the concept of public welfare is enterprise landing fermentation. In the past two years, Biguiyuan employees to volunteer service as the carrier, fully embody the exploration of public welfare mode of Mr. Yang Guoqiang, realizing the maximization of public welfare social benefits, won high praise from all walks of life in society.

      " Gratitude, responsibility, happiness " is Biguiyuan twenty years subject, is the future development of Biguiyuan starting line; we believe, stand on the starting line Biguiyuan will go farther.

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