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At the 2012 annual report will be manager

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In order to do a good job in 2012 manager performance appraisal, summarizes various projects focus on the work of various departments, 2012 company of the year, proposed the deficiencies and problems, report 2013 annual working plan, in order to realize the vault construction companies billions of value foundation support group in 2013 sales target, magnificent, 2013 January 11-12 day, vault construction company held 2012 annual manager report in the headquarters conference room, the leadership of the company, the headquarters function department managers, supporting the production manager, project manager, site manager, construction team representatives of more than 50 people attended the meeting.

Report on the meeting, deputy general manager of the company leader Deng Peichu briefly describes the purpose and significance of the report will be held, hope the 35 judges selected by the company leadership, functional departments responsible for human, project manager, manager and representative site construction captain on behalf of adhering to the "fair, impartial, serious" attitude review. Deng Zong said, the company gave the judges to exercise the right of judges, the judges should be objective, fair and strictly in accordance with the mandatory distribution principle of review; in 2013 the company will be to strengthen the headquarters functions, strengthen management of Project Manager Department of management functions of the "two-line management" as the focus, full sprint billions of value. Then, the report were 2012 completion of the annual work, existing problems and work plan for 2013 report, the leadership of the company according to the contents of report of targeted questions, report will proceed in a "good atmosphere -- Comments on the leadership question -- answer".

Deputy general manager of the company leadership Deng Peichu described the purpose and significance of the meeting
                                                           Report will be on-site

2012 is the basic management vault construction company, in Ma Xiaojun under the leadership of the reform measures, effect of Tengyue construction company introduced gradually: the company contract mode effectively optimization, a contracting model construction team have transformed B, labor subcontracting mode; quality management effect obviously, Kaiping Biguiyuan Emerald Bay two Feng Jing, Maoming Biguiyuan four time a bid of Yunlin Hornsey engineering respectively won "group villa, villa project" title, Lechang, Zhaoqing, Fengkai 9 project has been awarded the municipal government quality award be just unfolding model; D contract mode, Yunfu, Shaoguan and other projects to become the local government authorities designated site quality demonstration project; "NPC and CPPCC two line" management measures, strengthen internal management, improve the level of project management; brand image has been further improved, the company has won the "Shunde district safety culture construction demonstration enterprise", "2012 China Building 'top star'", "2011-2012 annual Chinese construction industry 500 strong" award...... The report will be held successfully, not only conforms to the requirements of the development of the reform, but also laid a foundation for the objective evaluation of managers, improve work efficiency, also opened the vault construction company performance appraisal work in the new chapter.

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