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President Mo Bin attended the 2013 annual work conference vault construction company

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On February 27-28, 2013 annual work conference vault construction company is held ceremoniously in Shunde Biguiyuan Fontana gardens. Leadership group president Mo Bin, was invited to attend the group center, the company leadership team members, each department manager, project team members, the construction captain and part of the business backbone of more than 200 people attended the meeting.

The annual work conference site vault construction company
Deng Peichu always deliver annual work conference group spirit
Deng Peichu always deliver annual work conference group spirit

      The meetings are highly valued group leader, group president Mo Bin of his busy schedule to attend and delivered an important speech. Mo total representative Chairman Yang, board of directors of the group of vault construction company 2012 annual fully affirmed the achievements, spoke highly of Ma Xiaojun's work report, and to convey the Chairman Yang to vault construction company two "attitude", "three requirements" opinion. Attitude: group fully supports the vault construction companies to implement the economic responsibility system. In 2012, vault construction company steadily reform, consolidate the management foundation, Shenyang banks has made remarkable achievements in the economic contract responsibility system, hope that the company in 2013 the rapid reform plan, time based formulation in the Ma Xiaojun period, the full implementation of joint-stock contract. Mo Zong emphasizes at the same time, the economic contract responsibility system is not to replace, but should cogent accomplish "three concentration": the fund centralized management, centralized procurement of materials, labor and professional subcontracting centralized bidding. Attitude two: development mode to support the vault construction company. The D class management model is the real line with development of building a first-class enterprise requirements, have a positive and important role of D management mode of cultivating, sustained and healthy development of the enterprises. Vault construction company to become a construction enterprise class, we must vigorously develop the D contract mode, and earnestly implement in place, and not to move or retreat to development. Three requirements: one, and real estate project to link effectively, achieve win-win; find a good self-image, service real estate projects; group gives the vault construction company the largest authority, hope the construction team leader, project managers boldly to do, to do. Two, vigorously promote the mechanism of survival of the fittest, regardless of seniority and level, given the opportunity at the same time, if the same mistakes even made two times, then mercilessly clear; vigorously develop "green" team, reserve talent, although college students lack of experience, but they are strong executive ability, want to work, if given enough stage, certain able to succeed. Three, honesty and self-discipline. The effectiveness of management, construction enterprise is full of gold, each additional person should self-discipline in the management, collection of profit under the sun, can not make the unfavorable things, once found, punish not idle. In honesty and self-discipline at the same time, we must further strengthen the supervision mechanism, the effective supervision mechanism into the "two line" examination. The end of the speech, Mo on the meeting, Deng Peichu first conveyed the group's annual meeting on the speech of president and not always work report of the two part of the spirit of the meeting, and asked the participants to seriously study the spirit of the meeting, the meeting of positive thinking and the implementation of. Ma Xiaojun always made the theme of "annual report on the work of laying a solid foundation, steady reform, seize opportunities, the rapid development of the company.". The report did a full summary of the company's 2012 annual key work, done careful deployment of the company in 2013 working plan.

Ma Xiaojun always do the annual work report     

The general said, 2012 is the vault construction company "management year", in the joint efforts of all staff, the company reform and development work fruitful. In the corporate sector, region, site three major integration, D contract effective; project management has been continuously strengthened, emerging group, regional, provincial, prefecture-level city, benchmarking; financial management order, avoiding taxes loss, clean up the huge current account, gradually disc live assets in the reform tide, production; supporting departments are awesome, the implementation of the contract responsibility, completely changed the previous total loss situation; foreign branch race each other, common casting brand benefit vault company; team construction to strengthen, the company team to be more capable.

The working plan in 2013, MA in the report clearly put forward "and strive for three positioning" target. Theme positioning in 2013 the company as "rapid development", "quality as good, fast, and more, flat," pattern as "mainly to the D class, B class of parallel, C supplement"; in 2013 the company turnover to 8000000000 yuan, sprint 10000000000. In addition, the company's 2013 annual key work clearly Ma also used "six to strengthen": strengthen the integration of resources, optimize the resources; to strengthen the company's control, promote the standardized management; to strengthen the cost of operation, advance the responsibility; strengthen project planning, the implementation of the five first; strengthen the evaluation of performance, improve the incentive mechanism; to strengthen the construction of culture, enhance the team spirit.

The general says, want to create a miracle vault construction company staff in group billion sales target favorable development, in the general manager under the leadership of Ma Xiaojun.

Group discussion meeting     

Discussion on the afternoon of 27, to around the horse always work report in the "good, fast, and more, flat" topics, participants were positive research group. During the period, Ma has come to the five group meeting to participate in the discussion, issued the opinions on how to better cope with the rapid development of the group completed the billion sales target and the realization of the company's. On the morning of 28, the participants also took part in the "Seminar Schedule management".

In the joyful and harmonious atmosphere, 2013 annual work conference vault construction company ended.

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