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Model approach, benchmark -- villa, villa with the first model project group

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 Template engineering group is the engineering model of benchmarking, both in quality and technology, safety production, civilized construction plays a benchmarking, demonstration effect. In the middle of August, in the 2012 year group model project, undertaken by the vault construction company Kaiping Biguiyuan Emerald Bay two Fung king, Maoming Biguiyuan four time a bid of Yunlin Hornsey engineering talent showing itself, respectively won the "group villa, villa project". It is reported, this group model project selection is very strict, by a group of five centers, regional technical experts on-site review, from model to model the regional group, Cengcengbaguan, to vote in elections, the entire group of villas, villa project only choose a name.

Figure: Kaiping Feng Jing project

Figure: Maoming villa facade


Success: from continuous innovation

Since the first half of 2011 sounded the clarion call for reform, in the overall guidance group, correct guidance and Ma Xiaojun and other leaders "adjusting mechanism, benchmarking, grasp, promoting the middle", the company implemented a upgrade the company's structure optimization, site management,

Graph: the method model between the 1 Figure: method of model 2

  In the project construction, project management staff to sample tests, the first selection of experienced workers do model according to construction standards, and then to the operator for real. This not only ensures that the practice of unified, requirements, but also ensure the overall construction quality can reach the requirements of acceptance specification. The project management personnel strict "three high", "three strict" quality control, strict implementation of high quality objectives, quality consciousness, high quality standards and strict quality management, strict quality control, strict quality inspection, to fully guarantee the quality of the whole project.

Image: "three strict" acceptance of 1 Chart: "strict" acceptance of 2

      In the aspect of construction safety and civilization, and the three class safety education for management personnel, and to speak before the class safety education to the production team every day. All management personnel, construction personnel to enter the construction site must be level three education, before each subentry engineering construction safety technical disclosure, important construction site preparation of safety technical measures, by the person responsible for the implementation of. Weekly safety education for all employees, speaking before the class safety education to the production team every day. In addition, the project also regularly clean the road, the road on both sides of the establishment of the drainage ditch, set the scene for the bathroom, and earnestly do the end-market.

According to the two protection requirements and tie bar, brick block. The advantages of this construction is can effectively prevent the construction of the cracking, deformation, seepage.

Graph: the special-shaped column before forming diagram: special-shaped column after forming

     Vault company can obtain the correct leadership, group and group performance is so good, the regional center of each department, each branch of the support and cooperation, joint efforts are inseparable from the total lead in Ma Xiaojun all Tengyue people unceasingly enterprising, scaled new heights. We will make persistent efforts, continuous efforts, for the group to create more, better quality engineering, to carry forward the vault "Iron Army" spirit, so as to create a national first-class construction enterprises and make unremitting efforts.

The construction captain transformation, internal competition for positions and other series of reform measures. At the same time, in order to meet the rapid development of the requirements, the company inside strong quality, outside the plastic image, strengthen internal communication, to create "good atmosphere to learn than,,, super"; for the development goals to achieve sound and fast, launched the "new two" knowledge training, on-site observation training training activities, also developed "the scene security civilization construction standard atlas" and "quality manual", in order to better adhere to the "process products, quality policy model of human settlements". Areas outside the plastic image, the company continued to promote the project of CI construction, and the preparation of the "image design manual" to the external image, strictly regulate the project.

Graph: hold the internal competition activities

Graph: the scene security civilization construction standard atlas

     Yang Jinmian construction team for the construction of two peak landscape project of Kaiping Biguiyuan Emerald Bay Liang Bingjian construction team and Maoming Biguiyuan four time a bid of Yunlin Hornsey engineering is a leader class B construction contractor team, they took an active part in the reform of the company, strictly follow the company reform requirements, strengthen team construction, to create a professional team in place, rich practical experience in the construction team.

Process: without the strict control of the project management staff of all

Kaiping Biguiyuan Emerald Bay two Hillview projects with a total construction area of about 140000 m2, 11~18 storey villa; Maoming Biguiyuan four time a bid of Yunlin Hornsey project construction area of about 40000 m2, all for the villa. Project management experience, strict "quality model", adhere to the "model" approach, and can improve the promotion planning and project specification.

 Graph: technology correspondent

    Results: build a model first, highlight

The project management personnel according to the engineering features and difficulties, process and quality standards, technical measures, detail, node into comprehensive planning, in an effort to form a quality technical highlights, adhere to the quality assurance system, to ensure the whole quality of process quality. As in the construction process of formwork engineering, fill seam strip flatness and width with electric control, to ensure that the joint close, and the use of cable, 2m inspection on foot top elevation, smoothness, joint height. And if in the construction process monitoring, all-round monitoring process, from raw materials, concrete and floor frame, to assure the quality of project construction. Through the strict control, column patchwork tight, no leakage, sanding, joint no trace. The perimeter columns, stairs, elevator shaft interlayer joints essentially flat, straight, no leakage, dislocation. Floor flatness basically conforms to the specification, a structure to meet the group two protection requirements. Infill wall of aerated concrete block, according to the requirements of water wall brick, the unified pointing was improved, head brick building technology of inclined roof tiles of the uniform customization, centralized processing.

Graph: pointing

      Such as the special-shaped column template installation: first use the small plate is clamped opposite corner, and then step by step square and lock in place. This construction can avoid the explosion of special-shaped column in the pouring process. And as the L sill practices: first masonry units to the windowsill position by two after pouring L type retaining water demand, and then stay sill L type retaining water-based reaches the strength to continue building. This construction can prevent seepage crack window. Another wall construction hole pouring construction column and beam: the construction of portal cast-in-place columns and lintels, plugging

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