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President Yang Guoqiang attended the Guangdong poverty alleviation work conference

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In April 28th, Guangdong provincial poverty alleviation work in television and telephone conference held in Guangzhou. Provincial Party committee secretary Hu Chunhua presided over the meeting and made a concluding speech, governor Zhu Xiaodan summarizes three years of poverty alleviation achievements and the deployment of a new round of poverty alleviation, the leadership of the provincial people's Congress Standing Committee Huanglongyun, provincial CPPCC Chairman Zhu Mingguo, attended the meeting. Biguiyuan board chairman Yang Guoqiang representative Biguiyuan was entitled "Thanksgiving, let me do a thing to do" speech in the ability of the. On the meeting, Biguiyuan was awarded the Guangdong Province poverty alleviation and development "work to households, the responsibility to the people" outstanding units.

Guangdong Province poverty alleviation work conference site

The meeting is to implement the eighteen spirit and the Guangdong provincial Party committee, the provincial government on poverty alleviation and development decision deployment, Guangdong Province poverty alleviation and development summary "planning the home, the responsibility to the people" work, the deployment of Guangdong Province, a new round of poverty alleviation and development "to" work.

In order to strengthen the poverty alleviation work experience exchange, by the Zhuhai City, Meizhou City, Ruyuan County, the Provincial Public Security Bureau, China Mobile Group Guangdong Branch, Biguiyuan group six outstanding poverty alleviation unit experience to speak at the meeting. Mr. Yang Guoqiang, chairman of the board of directors is Biguiyuan personal experience, social Thanksgiving, Biguiyuan three years in Guangdong poverty alleviation experiences and Biguiyuan in occupation education efforts are briefly described. Mr. Yang Guoqiang stated his office of Career Academy in Guangdong's plan, he said, "I dream of: Guangdong every young people out of social work, in addition to university, received a good education of occupation. The poor children can get social and government help finish school. At that time, their quality is high, poor people can also get education equality and fairness. There is one more thing better, more beautiful society. They also can be out of poverty."

Mr. Yang Guoqiang, chairman of the board of directors as Biguiyuan exchange of experience
     Party secretary Hu Chunhua, governor Zhu Xiaodan in his speech, are highly affirmed the Guangdong Province before three years of poverty alleviation work, expressed heartfelt thanks and highest respect to the enthusiastic participation of all sectors of the community to support the cause of poverty alleviation. Province, deputy head of the leading group of poverty alleviation development Li Ronggen informed the province's poverty alleviation work and read praise informed on the outstanding unit, individual.

The leadership of the province as Biguiyuan, outstanding unit award on behalf of the medal

To share the experience of the last, Mr Yang Guoqiang used a poetic words as the end, expression Biguiyuan and his plain of patriotism and education poverty concept:

"The motherland, we are known as' mother'. Mother will not pay attention to their children's education! Knowledge poverty alleviation, intellectual poverty reduction is more important than economic poverty, to help poor people fundamentally out of poverty. Hope the community can accelerate, mobilize the whole society to participate. Thanksgiving, let the things I should do in the ability of the. Hope that the great Chinese nation early Renaissance, everyone have a good time, achieve our 'China dream'!"

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