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Heart of Ya'an, held on-site love fund-raising activities

Release time:2013/4/28     Read:1829

Recently, a magnitude 7 earthquake occurred in Lushan County of Sichuan Province, Ya'an City, and more than 10 counties in Sichuan, the people's life and property suffered serious losses. In order to help the people in the disaster areas to carry out disaster relief work, fulfill the social responsibility of corporate citizenship, the morning of April 25th, vault construction company held "Ya'an in mind, love" love fund-raising activities at headquarters, field raised a total of nearly thirty thousand yuan.

A donation ceremony, deputy general manager of vault construction company Deng Peichu read out the company "for Sichuan earthquake in Ya'an love fund-raising proposal", the initiative of all the staff actively fundraising, as far as we can, to contribute their love and help, as a strength to help the disaster area people's life. Deng Zong pointed out, no Valentine's love of natural disasters, a difficult help comes from all quarters, hope all staff action, the power of the limited for the infinite care and support, to the people of disaster areas gave a love, send a truth, highlight the group and the company's philosophy, to help the people of disaster areas as soon as possible through.

Deng Peichu read the proposal

     Then, the leadership of the company will be the first donation in the donation box, headquarters staff have been ordered to the stage, loosen one's purse strings generously, give their love, sweet and touching scene atmosphere. In addition, the project also respond positively to the group, a company called for, in the past two days will be remitted to the designated charity fund-raising account.

Fund-raising scene     

"The heart of Ya'an, great love", at this moment, we are Ya'an, we and the disaster areas compatriots heart earthquake relief, our wills unite like a fortress.

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