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Depth localization exploration, boost market development

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      Pronto, from the end of 2013 to Malaysia investigation so far, the company settled the Malay three years. Improve the quality from 14 years to 15 years of lowering the efficiency of years, Malaysia branch with the Golden Bay project, forest city high-rise cap display area open gradually grow domineering. And with the construction of word by word of mouth, Malay branch also has by entering the Local Malay subcontractors do not contact, don't trust and cooperation, into today's relatively active, relatively trust and hope that the cooperation.

      With the localization of the work of understanding and in-depth, Malay branch market exploration matures, and access to local suppliers, government agencies, chamber of commerce associations in-depth contact integration opportunities. ''

    In January 8, 2016, the general manager of Malaysia branch Tian Yuelong led business, engineering line responsible person visited the Johor Chinese Chamber of commerce. This is due to visit Johore Chinese Builders Association Vice President Mr. Zheng Shijin introduced and localization of staff contact Du Xinjie arrangement.

Tian Yuelong always in the General Chamber of Commerce recommend Country Garden andGuangdong Giant Leap Construction Co., Ltd

    It is reported that a Chinese General Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1945, 70 years ago has been set up. As the leader of Malaysia Johor Business top leadership will actively promote regional construction business since 42, including the Johore Chinese Chamber of commerce under the jurisdiction of the Builders Association, Johore hardware machinery, building materials business association. As for cooperation consultation within the General Chamber of Commerce and government units, foreign cooperation platform to build ties with the exchange mechanism, has worked with Chinese Xuzhou Wuxi City Federation of industry and commerce, the Shandong Federation of Taishan, Handan International Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce signed friendly cooperation agreement, to expand the level of Ma two country economic and trade exchanges deeper cooperation opportunity.

    in the visit, Malaysia branch highlights and their country garden group, the Golden Bay, and Kuala Lumpur city forest Semenyih Diamond City project, and that the Malay Chinese came to Nanyang is wandering before World War II, the process is not easy. By pushing the development, unity, only the current status and influence, now many entrepreneurs in the development strategy of China international influence is down to Malaysia, predecessors trees, descendants cool, catch a good time.

   The Malay branch also mentioned in the General Chamber of Commerce currently has members are or will be with Tengyue cooperation, such as steel and carbon steel suppliers benefit group, another billion Construction Company Limited has been basically settled the construction of Golden Bay project PLOT1ABC coatings, and the formal visit vice president Zheng Shijin introduced, reflect a good basis for cooperation at present.
        President Zheng Shijin reviewed the General Chamber of Commerce, chamber of Commerce has experienced the baptism of war, has evolved into the top leadership of the jurisdiction of more than and 40 chamber of commerce business johor. In recent years, the rapid development of enterprises Chinese see, feel the garden city development Yuanzao shock, expression of the invitation Tengyue construction companies to join the chamber of Commerce will. In particular, the forest city display area can be built in such a short period of time on schedule expressed shock, said once again realized the China speed"!

After the meeting took a group photo

After the meeting, chairman of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce presented Johor 70 anniversary special edition, and a photo.
       We looked at the Yang Yi in the face of sincere smile, five thousand years of Chinese history, the Chinese of the same blood, had a great experience in overseas.
        We deeply as a new era of Chinese should unite with Chinese to deepen the reform in the East, with the promotion The Belt and Road, to do the project, and constantly promote the development of the company.

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