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——Remember the project manager of Phoenix Project Department, Jiangsu, Jurong, Shen Zhongyun
      2016 is the third year Shen Zhongyun entered the vault. From state-owned enterprises to private enterprises, from the engineer to the executive manager, his transformation is amazing. Under the setting sun just promoted to the project manager, he is still busy at the construction site, three years of accumulation and precipitation, he used practical action interpretation: positive is an attitude, excellent is a habit.
Between the choice, do not forget the initial heart
      From the small mountain village of Guilin in Guangxi, he, like most young people, chose to live away from home for the sake of life. In 2010, just out of Harbin University, the identity of the construction staff into the construction of the five. The work in the field of 2 years, constantly learning and honed to let him grow into a fast technique, and outstanding achievements in the completion of Beijing Vanke project technical guidance. In life, when seemingly everything smooth, but in 2014 he work bottleneck. After a failure to break through his ego and change the status quo, he chose to leave. Bid farewell to state-owned enterprises to protect the shell, open the new road to work.
       Now he, when people asked why then resign when he was indifferent to say: I just want to stick to your own inner end of the momentum. The seemingly simple words, behind how much he has tangled with the choice we can make nothing of it - - - - - - - but that momentum now we can clearly see.
Forge ahead, gorgeous turn
      In May 2014, after the resignation he traveled to the vault, and continue to serve as the post of chief engineer. From state-owned enterprises to private enterprises, the unfamiliar management model and workplace environment are constantly testing him. As soon as possible in order to understand thoroughly understand the vault, project management. You can see him riding a motorcycle with the workers into the same day early in the morning and evening, starting from zero, start from the basis of your true transformation into a qualified person vault.
       3 months in and out, 4 years of experience in state-owned enterprises, so that he has a more thorough and original views on site management. In a time of emergency, by virtue of the momentum and high professional repeatedlyspectacular, many times by the company and party a praise, and successfully promoted the project execution manager. At this point, he successfully completed state-owned enterprises to private enterprises gorgeous turn.
It is wrong to win without pride
       As Jiangsu Jurong Phoenix project executive day, temporary construction is not complete, a clearing in the dirt and weeds, what is not. The water and electricity are impassable and the room and board are unstable. Shen Zhongyun told reporters, "until now, that scene, he can not forget.". Helpless, confused, surrounded him, but as the leader of the project, he can not flinch, even if showing a hint of cowardice, are absolutely not allowed.
       No place to live, take the lead with managers crowded in their rented three bedrooms and one living room. During the day, complete the site construction work under the scorching sun, and work with the staff on the night shift to take charge of the project security. By example, take the lead to behavior between a bunch of his "buddy" has become a group of go getters alongside him, isstead team partner.
      "Shen manager, concrete pouring quality is very good, you go to see?"" Just graduated two years after the first man excitedly in block raft to him. Seeing that your employees have been able to undertake quality management independently, they are naturally happy. But the mouth tells the employee seriously: "do you see this flat?" What do we want? Don't do it or do it best." Take credit for building long had flung to command the concrete workers two times to close surface finishing. It's his unique way of training employees that wins without arrogance and fails.
Good at listening and learning to sum up
      In the field of planning and optimization, Shen Zhongyun often lead the staff to observe outstanding projects, and teach the on-site staff to listen to the views of the workers at the scene.
"With wood in order to reinforce this basement? Instead of steel reinforcement and simple and solid wood brace can reduce the cost." In about a worker accidentally, Shen Zhongyun was caught and told his highlights. Soon, Shen Zhongyun will link theory with practice, and gradually promote the management of turnover materials refinement process of transformation. Through the construction experience of field workers, combined with their years of accumulated technology, optimize the project template from the beginning to the scene, wood template, and then to now full pipe materials, all materials, one step at a time he was strong and sturdy.
      Hard work is visible in the end. At the annual meeting, Shen Zhongyun not only won the top ten young people's honorary title, but also the 2015 annual quality benchmarking prize in the bag. As long as you work hard, success can be seen.       
         Promoted to project manager in April 2016.
       "Quality management is good," leader awareness is very important. Only positive and determined attitude is the way to success!" His words have gone deep into the hearts of every project manager in Phoenix, Jurong. Every manager is a leader at the scene. He can use the leader's consciousness to manage the scene to be more comprehensive and objective.
Keep your passion forever
      He is serious in speech and manner sometimes with employees about ideal about the plan, he was born 84 years still have their own youth dream. He devoted his youth to the site, leaving laughter to the project, and he said he wanted to leave the rest of the dream for himself. While doing a good job, he wanted to be a good husband and a good father. He also wanted to see a different city, do not feel the same customs.
      Any road is step by step out, Shen Zhongyun told us with practical action: as long as willing to work hard, there is no margin for growth. In the busy and complex work, must not lose the original restless, energetic heart.
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