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[the example is around] the wise man who reforms the blade

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        People who know Deng Zhenguo often recognize him first in the crowd. Straight jacket, tall, dark eyes, slightly smiling mouth - Deng Zhenguo always gives the impression that the rigorous, strict in demands of working life. As the first state-owned private occupation introduction to vault managers, he has experienced over the difficult transition, also witnessed the brilliant new vault. From the project manager to the general manager of the branch, from 1 project managers to 9 project leaders, his legend, we must start from 5 years ago.
Deng Zhenguo, general manager of Jiangsu branch
       Farewell November 30, 2011, built in five innings, Deng Zhenguo entered the vault and became a project manager in Yunfu. From the "quick build" to "quality improvement", deepening of reform for two years, Yunfu has won provincial and municipal project safety civilized demonstration sites under the leadership of Deng Zhenguo, was elected as Yunfu demonstration site, the success of the 2012 demonstrations.
       The bitterness of fame behind the first World War is only clear to the parties concerned. After many years, in an interview with reporters, Deng Zhenguo slowly reveal the mood at that time. As the forefront of the reform of early adopters, facing a dispute and friction of old and new management of the vault, a road project in Yunfu experienced a difficult and too many choices. Especially in personnel training and quality control, the energy and time spent are beyond measure. On-site teaching, meetings, lectures, tutors, and pro self-examination, each link has devoted all his heart and expectations.
2012 Yunfu project observation meeting site
       After starting Yunfu, in 2013, Deng Zhenguo was assigned to the Jiangsu Dongtai project. As a pioneer into the Jiangsu market, he is more like a warrior, shoulder into the Jiangsu market expectations, as they all the bright younger generation.
From the planning to the implementation of excellence, Deng Zhenguo personally organize and participate in, make the weekly inspection, rectification and highlights, he insisted on and field staff into the same, personally inspect the construction team, and invited the company headquarters, regional and group leadership training and guidance to the project - - - - - - - in every day in and day out. One day in Dongtai to work through the night.
      Success is not live up to the giver, under the leadership of Deng Zhenguo, the Jiangsu Dongtai project success in East China Civil Engineering Group of villas and 2015 Jiangsu regional benchmark hardcover benchmark, in Jiangsu started the market, set up the way golighting brand, he was strong and sturdy.
In February 2015, general manager Deng Zhenguo successfully promoted Jiangsu branch.
Without unifying people's ideas, we should unify our team's goals." From 1 project managers to 9 project leaders, he always has his own unique management methods.
       Branch management and project management are entirely different, from one to one, one-way management, to the current one to many management, Deng Zhenguo had to choose change and breakthrough. In order to make all the projects run better, Deng Zhenguo takes building No. 10 in Dongtai as the research object. It summarizes and extracts the time limit, material use and process insertion. In the end, the guideline of 589 period target, labor allocation, process inserting, standard construction schedule and material content ten indexes are summarized, which provides normative guidance document for project operation.
        It is because of his There's no making without breaking., focus and innovation courage, cost control of Jiangsu branch has to benchmark on the way ahead, singing all the way.
        Seriously, he does the same with his employees. Love, Deng Zhenguo more time error before playing the role of teacher. His laziness and lack of responsibility are the last thing he can tolerate, and he often scolds the most. In his opinion, strict with oneself is basic respect for the work of the staff.
Staff training, in addition to his attitude, he is more focused on ability. On one level let Yongzhe, in order to speed up the pace of growth of employees, Deng Zhenguo combined with the company's "345 growth plan" to guide and enacted the branch growth objectives and department training objectives. In addition to weekly training, he specifically assigned the ability to develop the 721 law, encouraging employees to strengthen their learning, training and rapid growth.
Deng Zhenguo in life is still so rigorous, meticulous
       Looking back at his career, Deng Zhenguo, like other builders, dedicated his best youth to the site. From state-owned enterprises to private enterprises, from Guangdong to Jiangsu, he has always maintained the dedication and professionalism of professional managers. He said that the next road is still very long, he hoped that under his leadership, Jiangsu branch will be able to paint a more brilliant picture. The author is also looking forward to the arrival of Jiangsu branch's dazzling day.
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