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[example in the side] nine years of hard work, common things, thousands of miles of journey began to gold

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      The scene of the May 8, 2017 group "54" youth pacesetter award ceremony, Guangdong vault "54" youth pacesetter Baiyun construction line of the tight deadline because of absence of awards, but speak for the youth pacesetter with practical action.

"Play all the forces of the team, make the project profitable is the absolute truth."!" Sitting in the center of the conference room of the project, the white clouds once again stressed to the project staff.

"My word, line must be fruit." This is the clouds, analysis of the problems with the development at the vision, to solve the problem with the idea of wisdom, work resolutely, clear objectives. He was only 32 years old, he has been involved in Hychan Dennis, Zhengzhou city in Southern China built a number of projects undertaken in November 30, 2015 five, and formally appointed Guangdong vault in Lanzhou two G1406 implementation project manager, become Guangdong Tengyue an excellent middle managers.

When he graduated from Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University in 2008, he could not think of it. After 7 years, he would enter the Northwest again. Years of on-site construction experience, so that it has a wealth of on-site management experience, and can enjoy the management of talent in the existing positions. The 2016 he managed the Lanzhou two G1407 project to meet the requirements of Party A by Party A, certainly, greatly improve the company reputation of the northwest region, and laid a solid foundation for the development of the Northwest market. And bid for the two phase of the G1406 project in Lanzhou, with excellent control results, won the bid in one fell swoop, and was designated as the project leader.

     What is youth? What do you need to do in your youth? Baiyun did not think much, nor did she want to know the correct answer. Dare Ganpin he knew, only forward, and eager to be neither humble nor pushy heart is early on his own youth, the best. His projects are noted for progress, safety, quality control, and cost surplus. Lanzhou Biguiyuan two G1407 project schedule, all leading nodes ahead of schedule, safety, quality, won the 2016 annual "team building model" and "outstanding project manager" and many other honors. And he himself also won the group of "5 - 4 Youth pacesetter" honorary title, became the group, the company youth learning model.

Behind the glory aura is hard work and passion! After 7 years of work, he will be tender and filled with blood dedicated to the building. As a project manager, Baiyun is very clear about his responsibilities and responsibilities. As a big parent of the project, how to establish team development goals, how to lead the team to do the project well and how to maximize the benefit of the project is the problem that he does not need to think about and solve. How many sleepless nights, thoughts flying the first time he always picked up the pen, recording every face on their own. He always said: "every task delivered by the company is not only the trust and assessment of the leadership, but also the discipline of self growth.". Lead a good team, cultivate talents team, enthusiasm and creativity to fully mobilize and motivate the team, to overcome the difficulties in the premise of ensuring construction period, safety and quality, grasp the management system, to maximize economic and social benefits for the enterprise, for the enterprise, their best "

Therefore, he knew that the responsibility for safety in production was significant! The requirements of field staff of the personnel must be pre service training, safety education, adhere to once a month to carry out safety evaluation, improve skills and awareness of production safety staff. At the same time, he believes that on-site management must be seriously formulated and implemented safety management system and safety responsibility system, so that everyone is safe. On this basis, we must effectively carry out the "safety production month" and "hundred days safety accident free" and other activities, to enhance the sense of responsibility of all staff, and put an end to all kinds of accidents.

"The spot is the market, and the medal is the brand."." In brand building project, Baiyun effective in combination with the actual situation, formulate the goals and quality excellence planning effective project, and lead the project staff to seriously implement the project, continue to strengthen process control, standardized operation, strict control of engineering quality, adhere to the quality of regular inspection, reduce the quality defects. Through unremitting efforts and perseverance, the quality of the two phase G1407 project in Lanzhou has been well received by the owners and supervisors.


Baiyun on-site teaching, guide staff to pay close attention to quality

    In order to maximize the benefits of the project, Baiyun requires the project staff to pay close attention to the 13 red lines. On the basis of detailed calculation of the project cost, the profit target and implementation measures are drawn up. Continue to strengthen material management, earnestly implement the material procurement, warehousing and issuing registration registration system, plugging loopholes in management. In the construction, he takes the lead to put an end to the waste of loss, and tries hard to create a thrifty atmosphere. In the use of machinery, he developed a strict equipment leasing, use and settlement system, so that the use of construction machinery to achieve a reasonable and effective.


On the way to the project check

    As the "veterans" of the engineering sector, Baiyun clearly chose the project, which determines a way of life. He will care about the staff of life, thinking, doing things on the employee as an important indicator of their assessment of the staff dormitory building, installation of air conditioning room, bath washing machine purchase, for each employee's birthday - he was a man of few words, continuous action warm, caring staff, and the staff trust and favorable harvest support. Yellow sand filled with water, power projects, but because of love, it is particularly warm and bright.

     Interview finally, Baiyun hope will "longer road, a step by step can also walk, and then a short road, do not stride feet can't arrive."." This sentence is given to countless young people who are in great demand. May they dare to pursue their dreams and be loyal to themselves and advance bravely!

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